A little something

About me

Diversity of perspectives

Education and certificates

  • Bachelor of Arts in Japanese studies (University of Zurich, including an exchange year in Tokyo at Meiji University)
  • Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2
  • Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English
  • Currently studying English as well as communication studies.
  • Experience with WordPress, SEO, content marketing, editing and copywriting.

Communicating only is not enough. Being able to listen is crucial as well.

My conviction

You won't be able to sell your best product by means of heedless communication

A trustworthy, reputable image is necessary in order for you to reach your clients in this time of stimulus satiation. Faultless communication that is catered to your customers can help you enormously in that endeavour. The right communication grants you the power to influence your customers immensely. By means of my quality awareness and my feel for language, I aim to help you in this.

Unimpeded communication

How would you like to communicate your product to your client? By using long, interlaced sentences? On the basis of grammar and comma errors?

Or would you rather like your client to engage with your product? Namely in such a way that he or she won’t go looking for a better offer from your competitors.

It is my goal to introduce your customers to you product by means of intelligible and faultless communication. In practice, this means: no stumbling over words. No repeated reading of sentences. But enthusiasm for your product and feeling understood.

Thus, not only is your product to reach and influence your clients in a positive way; your customers will also choose your product sustainably.


You will receive a free and non-binding offer with an estimate of cost beforehand. A possible revision is included in the pricing.

Students receive a 50% discount on edits and proofreads of their papers.

Edits and proofreadsCHF 90.- / h
Content writingCHF 120.- / h
Copywritingindividual package price
German – English
CHF 120.- / h
German / English – Japanese
CHF 130.- / h